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HR Compliance

Protect the workplace and take care of your people by following the federal and state laws

Manage Your People — Manage Your Business

Keeping pace with Utah’s employer regulations can be a headache for small business owners. But ignorance is not an excuse that will get you out of fines or penalties if non-compliance occurs. That’s where Avanta comes in.

Business owners can build goodwill and limit liability risk by understanding the processes of hiring, training, and terminating employees as well as documenting vital agreements like employment contracts and the Employee Handbook. 

Hiring Employees

When it comes to bringing on new employees, it’s important to have a standardized process that ensures consistent treatment of applicants, which will lower the risk of discrimination claims from disgruntled applicants.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Create specific parameters for the open position BEFORE you begin the hiring process including a job description, overtime exemptions, and salary ranges.

Be Consistent with All Applicants

The key to avoiding a discrimination claim is to use the same hiring steps for each applicant for a particular position or job category—no matter who they are or how they found you.

Prepare for Interviews

Standardize the interview process to ensure that each interviewer fully understands their responsibilities, essential functions, and company policies.

Training Employees

Training does not cost money, it saves money! 

The reality is that training is NOT just for big companies and it only takes ONE employee to file a complaint. 

Training your people, especially SUPERVISORS, on their legal responsibilities is vital in today’s climate. At Avanta, we offer affordable, convenient, and practical HR Compliance trainings. We make it easy for you to implement trainings that make a difference in your workplace.  Call us today to protect your workplace.

The Employee Handbook

Whether it details the day-to-day expectations of your employees or outlines the specifics of advancement, your Employee Handbook is a useful way to communicate your policies to employees and answer commonly asked questions.


Failure to comply with new or amended laws may create additional exposure for employee litigation.


Use plain language and avoid legal jargon. Employees cannot follow rules they do not understand.


Avoid excessively casual or overly friendly language, as it may result in policies being taken less seriously by employees.

Realistic & Relevant

Do not impose unrealistic or irrelevant expectations on employees. Use common sense, and legal advice, to create functional and realistic policy expectations.


Provide employees with copies of written policies (and have documentation that they received them), and review policies with employees at least once a year.

And More!

Your Employee Handbook, when written correctly, provides clear guidance and easy-to-understand procedures for everyone from CEO to new hire.

Make your handbook a tool to protect your workplace environment, not a stumbling block! Ensure all policies and procedures governing employees are supported by a business purpose. Be aware that the handbook often is used as an exhibit in litigation. Policies in the handbook should: (1) comply with applicable law; (2) demonstrate your commitment to comply with the law; and (3) accurately reflect your actual practices.

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Resignation and Termination

Anytime you lose an employee, whether through willful resignation or the need for termination, it is important to follow your designated process to protect your property and records while avoiding unwanted liability or litigation.

Get it In Writing

These documents can be helpful if an employee later disputes that his or her termination was voluntary or, if terminated, the reasons that led to that decision.

Secure Your Property

Have your employee return equipment like laptops and computer peripherals as well as documents and corporate credit cards to ensure there are no loose ends.

Do it Right

Employee lawsuits and loss of workplace morale are both costly outcomes, so seek legal advice early to determine that termination is the appropriate action. 

Seeing an employee go is always hard, but there’s no reason to go through with it unprepared. With Avanta, we can help you implement appropriate policies to protect your workplace environment and avoid costly mistakes.

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Dana Ball provides exceptional service and her knowledge of the small business owner needs far exceeds any other attorney. If you want to get things done and done accurately, Dana Ball is your solution!

The Avanta team is amazing! They are so knowledgeable and very easy to discuss items that tend to be stressful, when running a business. Dana really knows her stuff and will treat you and your staff with respect and professionalism.

Dana Ball and her staff have been really good to work with. From the minute I contacted her office, everything has gone very smooth and as planned. I definitely recommend her and her office to anyone who needs her services.